3/31 – The Steel Wheels Headline Six String Concert

On Saturday, March 31st, The Steel Wheels will come to Columbus, Ohio for the first time, and headline a Six String concert to boot.

The Steel Wheels are truly an Americana band, rooted in musical styles that explore the territories between blues and bluegrass, old-time sing-alongs and foot-stompin’ fiddle tunes. They are subtle innovators who respect the past but whistle their own tunes, layering in rich textures and decidedly modern energy to forge a new sound.

Writers Talk spoke with Trent Wagler (vocals, songs, guitar, banjo) about recording and writing their new album, “Lay Down, Law Low”, filming the video for “Rain In The Valley”, their annual bicycle tour, and how it affects the booking of the tour, their lyrics, and their lifestyle. The full interview is posted here!

Listen to the live broadcast of the interview tonight (3/28) at 8 pm on WCBE (90.5 FM).

Check out some of The Steel Wheels’ music by watching their video for “Rain In The Vally” off of “Lay Down, Lay Low”. The video was premiered on AmericanSongwriter.com in January.

For more information on the show, or to buy tickets visit SixString.org

Update: The Steel Wheels have posted a retrospective video for their 2011 bike tour!


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