Former Writers Talk Guest Amy Schumer On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

From Writers Talk to Jimmy Kimmel!

Actress and comedienne Amy Schumer was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night! She showcased some new jokes, and was called over to the couch afterwards. So if Mr. Kimmel’s forecast holds, Amy will be in a whole new hemisphere of fame today. See her performance here.

We interviewed Amy last fall while she was in town for a couple of stand-up shows at Woodland’s Tavern. We spoke about her unique delivery, and her original approach to all of the topics you hear in every comic’s routine. She shared stories about herself as a child and auditioning for roles, as well as cleared the record on her joke towards Steve-O on the Roast of Charlie Sheen that aired on Comedy Central last year.

“My side’s half totally true, and half just ridiculous. A lot of people, they’ll joke about stuff like race and sex with their close friends. I joke like I’m with my close friends, in public.”                                – Amy, on her comedic approach

You can listen to our interview here. Beware of the tinniness of the audio! The green room we were in was like a garbage can; a garbage can containing a parlor-esque piano, a Pac-Man arcade machine, a couple of couches, a chair, and us. You will also notice the background noise increase as the crowd arrives, but Amy was a great interview and made even the routine questions entertaining, so check it out. Or watch a few excerpts below first.

Amy released a great compilation of her material on the live stand-up album, Cutting, on Comedy Central Records last year. You can find it on iTunes here. Head over to her website for tour dates, and check her out on Twitter @amyschumer.


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