Lydia Loveless Concert Tonight!

We had a great discussion with local singer/songwriter Lydia Loveless at Kildare’s pub just off the OSU campus this week.

Indestructible Machine Album Art

Here are some of the things OSU alumnus Leslie Goodwin talked to Lydia about:

  • – How she became a musician
  • – What she likes about being a lyricist
  • – And what she means by drinking gasoline.

We’ll post the video soon, but first, we’ll collect some footage of her rockin’ set at the Rhumba Cafe (2507 Summit St., Columbus, OH 43202) tonight, April 20th. Lydia will also be performing at Lost Weekend Records tomorrow at 1:00 as a part of National Record Store Day!

Lydia Loveless image

Lydia Loveless makes a point during her Writers Talk interview with Leslie Goodwin


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