OSU professors trained by Apple on iTunes U

By Taylor Altier

As if they didn’t control enough of our lives as it is. For those of you who are diehard PC fans, Please Consider switching over to the Apple market. It will be well worth your while … and it will eventually take over the world of technology anyway so … what better time.

As you look at the stuff you hold dearest to you, a few of those probably include your iPhone … then your iPod (if you didn’t merge that with your phone already), then your MacBook Pro … then your iPad … then your iPad Mini … I could go on forever.

But those are the things you spend the most time on. So why not use that time on those devices to – I don’t know, let’s say – learn.

iTunes University is launching itself full-force as an online platform for college courses. These are fully-engaged, fully online courses for which you can earn college credit, provided the professor allows it. Disclaimer: You can only access the iTunes U courses on an iPad. Weird.

I spoke with three professors who attended the highly secretive and incredibly classified Apple Headquarters to learn how to do just this. Of these professors were Nicole Kraft, Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Communication; Dr. Cynthia Dassler, Instructor and Curator of Plans in the OSU Herbarium; and Cynthia Selfe, Humanities Distinguished Professor in the Department of English.

A large topic in our discussion revolved around the idea that technology has become such an important part of our lives and we have no choice but to keep up with it, as it is and will always be a part of the future. But how does that conflict with the traditional classroom, face-to-face setting? What kind of learning elements are we missing out on by moving everything to the iPad?

Check out the interview for these instructors’ advantages and disadvantages: Direct link and iTunes U link



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