Ohioana connects literature adventurers with historical poet

by Taylor Altier

In an effort to connect Columbus readers with the literature history of Ohio, the Ohioana Library has launched an adventure series titled “On the Road,” which takes participants on a journey throughout Ohio to some of the historical places where famous Ohio writers got their start. The tour is from April through December.

I spoke with David Weaver, the Development Director at the Ohioana Library, to discuss the first stop on the road: Dayton. On April 13th, those who have registered will embark on what Ohioana calls “A Poetic Friendship,” which explores the close relationship between Ohio poet Paul Laurence Dunbar and aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright.

Each stop has a guided tour to present the sites and information to the group, as well as a guest speaker. On the trip to Dayton, African American poet Herbert Woodward Martin will recreate the passion and rhythm of Dunbar’s poetry in a reading.

When asked about previous tours Ohioana has done, David spoke of their “trial” tour last summer to the Playhouse Square in Cleveland. The turnout was great and the trip was one to never forget. So they decided to put on a whole series this summer, and the first trip to Dayton is already booked!

For a complete list and to register for the tours, visit www.ohioana.org.

Also, don’t forget to attend The Ohioana Book Festival Weekend beginning May 10th!


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